2023: A Summer to Remember

Dave and I were blessed our first two years of traveling after retirement.  First, our epic adventure completing the Great Loop and then last year’s RV adventure to the Canadian Maritimes and northeast United States.  This year was just as memorable including a few “dips” along the way. Perhaps it was good our dips occurred after several years of traveling. We all face various forms of challenges in our lives and the human spirit is incredibly resilient.  

Last Leg: Tennessee to Florida 

We took a week to travel to our home base in St Petersburg, FL, allowing the burst fractures in my back some healing time before a long truck ride home. We originally had a few more stops planned before heading to FL, but since I can’t hike or bike, we might as well head home.   Hopefully, the hot weather has abated some. 

After Leaving Paris Landing State Park, we spent 4 nights at a wonderful Corps of Engineers (COE) campground on Central Hill Lake just about an hour east of Nashville.  Our campsite was right on the river downstream of the dam.  One day we stopped at the expansive Central Hill Marina. There were tons of rental houseboats at the marina, in all shapes and sizes.  We ate at a huge Mexican restaurant with over 100 tables, half located on an outside deck on the water.  This place must be humming in the summer months. Although my back was hurting quite a bit, it was so nice to get some fresh air and especially nice being on the water.  Oh, and the Margarita did not hurt!

We then spent an overnight near Sevierville, TN to get the RV ready to drop off at Bob’s RV Service Center in Marion, NC.  If you remember from earlier this year, the team at Bob’s was able to get the RV back in useable condition after a boo-boo in Roan Mountain, TN.   We needed to offload all food and personal items prior to leaving her in good hands to make her good as new.  That was a bit challenging with my limited mobility, but Dave stepped up like a champ.  

Even with the dips, it was a fantastic travel season.  Some of the highlights include:

– 11-day Slovenia Green Gourmet cycling trip 🚵

– Murphy at Anne’s Mountain Getway while we were in Slovenia.

– Bob’s RV Center performing a MacGyver on our RV to get her back on the road 🛠️

– Visiting my aunt and cousins in Rochester, MN 👨‍👩‍👧

– Pontoon boating & swimming in a Minnesota lake with looper friends Greg & Helen 🏊‍♀️🚤

– Exploring Upper Michigan along Lake Superior, so many gorgeous waterfalls 🥾

– Exploring Georgian Bay & the North Channel in Canada 

-Camping with Tom & Barb near Niagara Falls

– Attending the Grand Design National Rally in Indiana and winning the Macarena dance contest 💃

– Participating in the 6-day Bike Across Tennessee (BRAT) 🚵‍♀️

– Looper reunion at BRAT with Greg & Helen and Jon & DeeDee 🍻

– Helicopter Ride to Vanderbilt Medical Center 🚁🤕

We have already started planning next year’s trip to our 49th State, with a few surprises that we will share as they come to fruition. I’m already very excited! 

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and look forward to re-connecting soon.  

On the mend Brenda, Summer is over already? Dave, and Why did we leave our moving house behind Murphy


3 thoughts on “2023: A Summer to Remember”

  1. Oh wow! You guys have had some adventures!
    Thanks for sharing them with us with the pics and stories!
    Welcome home to FL. We have had just a hint of relief in the temps and humidity.
    Come on November!

  2. Welcome back to Florida! It’s been exciting to follow your adventures as we sweated it out this summer. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow. Enjoying your retirement is exactly what you should be doing. The great loop, the travels to the northeast, and the bike and hike adventure.
    Love the fact you enjoy the water, land, and bringing Murphy along. The pontoon trip in Tennessee snd all the other places of interest you have visited. Keep going and keep posting.

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